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Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Jeff Bezos

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Branding is one of the most important aspects of any startup, organization or company. Having an effective brand strategy will give you a major advantage compared to your competitors. Branding should be worked on as early as possible - no matter if you are just starting a startup or if you have a mature business.

Branding is what, where, when, how and to whom you communicate and deliver your brand message. This is not only a logo and a mantra, this goes further: you now need to tell a business brand story. Branding is the image and the message that your company transmits to users, customers, journalists and investors. This is key for your startup or business to have a startup branding strategy that is consistent. There are many different aspects that can influence your branding and Growth Hackers is here to help you with outstanding branding services.

Defining your branding strategy is like an adventure requiring to answer problems like defining your startup's goals, knowing the problem you solve and the solution you offer. This is also what your users or potential users thing of your business. Once you have defined what your brand stands for, here are a few elements composing your branding strategy and how our branding services agency can help you.

Logo Design

The logo is the symbol representing your company. The shape and the colors used for your logo are critical. Different shapes or colors can mean different things in the users' subconscient. With Growth Hackers' branding services, we will help you create a logo that will differentiate you from the crowd at the same time as giving the right message to your users. Once you have a logo, you need it to place it everywhere (Website, brochures, ads, flyers...)

Brand message

What is your brand message? What message do you want to deliver? For instance, you can communicate about your brand with content marketing or by implementing a social media strategy for startups. This message should be integrated to all written and non-written / online and offline communication you have with your audience.

Brochures / Company Presentations

When you are in contact with a potential customer, it is essential to look professional. You need to integrate your brand message everywhere. The documents you hand out to them or that you send via email have to look professional, creative, classy and astonishing. Growth Hackers is an agency with outstanding branding services. We will work closely with you and our best designers to create unique and well-designed brochures to make your leads remember you.

Video Presentation

This is also called corporate movies. We will do a short 1-minute whiteboard video presenting your product and your startup to your customers. This will make you look more professional and will give a clear message of what you do and who you are.

Do you need to ameliorate your image?


Online Events

Growth Hackers can create for you online events such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram competitions. We will take care of the prizes and the promotions of those events. These will give you a large visibility of social media, increase your presence and bring you new leads.

Offline Events

We can make for you 2 kind of offline events. We can organize participations at trade shows as a visitor or as an exhibitor. We will prepare your booth, your flyers, your communication materials and more. We can also organize street marketing events. This is perfect if you want to have a localised marketing and branding strategy.

Having a strong and consistent image, both online and offline, is part of the branding services our agency offers.


Pitching became more and more important the past few years. Either you pitch in front of a crowd, in front of investors/VCs or in front of potential customers. Every pitch has to be different and be customized to your audience. The first 20 seconds are actually the most important. After 20 seconds, the person listening to you will know if he wants to hear more or not. This is why a compelling story about you, your startup and your product is a must.

There are many other formats or materials where your branding needs to appear. A lot of companies, small or big, invest a lot of efforts in branding: a great example is the success of Starbucks brand image. At Growth Hackers, we are experienced in making your story attractive to anyone and our services will make your startup looks incredible compared to your competitors. If you want to benefit from our top quality branding services agency to help you define your message, create a consistent branding across all platforms (Social media, emails, brochures...), stand out from the competition and help you on your startup success journey, don't hesitate to contact us.